08 July 2013

Flu-Free Winter

Starting from a few weeks before the Semester 1 exam finals, I've been striving to keep a goal to stay flu-free for what was at first just during the exam period but because it went so well, I extended it to the entire winter season. Before the exams, both my mum and sister had the cold + exam rooms were full of sick people, so it was really challenging :S But I managed to pull through! So I've been absolutely fine.. until last week, where.. my dad got the cold =___= I'm pretty frustrated because I have to be so aware when a family member is sick, like purposely avoid being near them, avoiding touching shared surfaces (hard when there's door handles and taps), avoiding touching my face, sanitising my hands frequently.. I've already tried hard and succeeded with my mum and sister, why do I have to start the process over again T_T My nose is very slightly runny, I really feel like giving up, but then again I could stop it before it gets worse maybe? Sigh..

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