18 July 2013

イタズラな Kiss (New Japanese Remake)

The past few days have been a mix of studying and watching dramas xD
I was considering re-watching the Taiwanese It Started With A Kiss drama online since the last time I watched it was ages ago on DVD (as usual, with dodgy subtitles), but while I was searching through nostalgic images last time I saw the drama, I came across what seemed like a new Japanese remake called イタズラな Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo, though I didn't know exactly how new it was, I decided to watch that one instead. Little did I know, it's so recent that the recording of episodes is currently still ongoing! I didn't even realise it until halfway through watching the drama, where I decided to look up how many episodes I had left to watch xD

The drama is about an 'opposites attract' kind of love relationship where an unintelligent but optimistic high school girl called Kotoko falls in love with the smartest and most handsome but 'cold' guy called Naoki (better known as Irie-kun).
I would explain it in further detail but if you watch the first episode, you should already get what the drama will be about ^^

There were a few disappointments that I found with this new remake:
- Personally I found Kotoko's actress a bit too optimistic and uncomfortably awkward around Irie-kun, I would've liked if she was a little bit more serious lol. She's pretty though, and you have to admit, she suits her character very well.
- The soundtrack for the drama is also not that great.
- Overall I would've liked if the drama was a little more serious when it needed to be. I mean even in serious scenes like rushing someone to hospital, you still get a sense of happiness/comedic atmosphere?

Regardless of the cons, there's a reason why this drama, adapted from the original manga, has so many remakes (2 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese and 1 Korean)! The storyline is interesting and although it follows the storyline of most typical dramas, you always can't help feeling really happy when there's cute moments between the two characters xD

I was quietly incredibly happy at the ending of Episode 10, I totally didn't expect 'that' hahahaha

As usual some screenshots to end this post :)

Something really strange on a sidenote, when I first saw the lead male actor in the drama, one of my friends came to mind, because they somehow look similar (don't know if it was the eyes or jawline). I only met them once or twice and it was years ago though.
Anyway, I watched an episode of this drama before heading out to borrow books from a library. When I went out of the library I saw that friend!! o__o I didn't have the courage to say hi to him because I was really stunned a little bit. Coincidentally we also caught the same bus lol
Can't help but think its funny for something like that to happen xD

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