21 July 2013

Last Episode!

AHHH the last episode of イタズラなKiss is finally out!!
I'm so excited to watch it!!
15 eps have already passed and the two main characters arent even together yet! LOL
Ep 15 ended on a really sad note so I have confidence that there will be a complete turn around in the final one xD


So I just finished watching the final episode and OMGSH its SO rushed but somehow it didnt disappoint!! they fit so much cute moments in one episode =P
The look on Irie-kun's face about what he just realised, when it starts raining at that moment, and the background music (for once) all fit together so perfectly, my eyes became watery at this part :')
And then 'the' moment (that everyone watching the drama anticipated for) was so 'awwwww' xD
My favourite line: "You don't need to count anymore"
The towel part was pretty cute too!! ^^
Lastly, the look on Irie-kun's face when she walked through the door, it looked like he was gonna lose his sh-- and gulped, but then was like in his head, 'omgsh gotta keep calm', that expression was really cute xD

Ahhh seeing as this drama JUST finished airing, it would mean I have to wait so long before they make a second season, and if they even make a second season, which I really really hope they do, like with ISWAK 2 :) But yeah ahhhh I wont know for sure until news comes up about the production of it xD

I really really want to post all the stills of the cute moments but I tried to make this post as spoiler-free as possible for anyone who wants to watch it. If you are watching it, let me know!! I feel like talking about it with someone hahaha ^^

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