22 July 2013

New Favourite Fashion/Makeup Guru!

I found a new favourite fashion/makeup guru called Kim Dao, after searching up a natural Japanese makeup tutorial. She's really pretty, the fashion she posts is really cute and her blog posts are really interesting. After seeing her post of her trip in Japan it made me less patient to go on exchange there :(

I realise most of the fashion she wears is from Liz Lisa which is typically really feminine and asian. Lately my fashion has been Western and plain/simple but I feel like I'm being influenced to be more feminine again haha. Problem is asian fashion here is so expensive since its mainly imported :/
But yeah we'll see :D I actually don't like having an overly feminine image, although I used to like it in the past, nowadays I'm more of the type of girl that likes being seen as 'one of the guys' - that way I feel that guys are more comfortable around having me as just someone to hang around with rather than someone they have to be polite/self-conscious around.

Anyway back to Kim, I heard she visited the anime expo in LA and was helping out with the Liz Lisa popup store there! She posted something about near the end of last year about Liz Lisa coming to Sydney but it was very vague and a long time ago so I don't even know if I missed it already lol. 
Since she studies in Perth (at first I assumed she lived in America) do you think she'll come down to Syd for the anime expo? :O Even better, do you think there will be a Liz Lisa popup store there? I highly doubt it though, its not on the list of vendors that will be there :(

Speaking of anime expos, I've been meaning to go to one since ages ago - do you guys remember the post I wrote ages ago on cosplay outfits I wanted to wear? And yeah the tickets are only $29 at the moment, so cheap! I probably won't cosplay since SMASH is actually sooner than I thought on 10 Aug, plus I want to buy merchandise even if its super expensive lol. Ahhh I haven't even asked anyone to go with me at the moment, but I want to buy a ticket now anyway! xD I guess I can always just give it to someone else if I find out I can't go? Does anyone want to go with me?! It'll be my first anime expo ever, plus its at Darling Harbour convention centre, super convenient location!! :D

Anyway I should probably study now T__T
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And a screenshot from my favourite youtube vid from her:

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