05 July 2013

New Job!

I know this is sudden news, but I got a new job as a dental assistant / receptionist! :D
It was actually just 2 days ago that my dad even told me about the job in the first place, yesterday that I went to go visit the workplace to enquire about the job, and today that I worked my first full shift!
Basically they train you on the job but they expect you to learn everything REALLY FAST. The other assistant that was with me told I was lucky that I'd be getting a few days to learn the gist of it, because when she started out, she was only given half a day to remember it all o__o

So basically my duties for the day included setting up dental trays for every appointment, sitting beside the dentist using the suction to remove excess saliva from the patient's mouth and also handing him any tools he needs while at the same time taking down notes of everything he is doing to the patient.
I barely touched the reception today, other than being given an overview of how to process medical insurance claims and whatnot.

Overall an interesting/cool job with good pay ^^
I'm kind of hesitant to stick around though, there's so much responsibilities and I'm not used to it lol