12 July 2013

Proposal Daisakusen

Today I finished watching Proposal Daisakusen!
For those who haven't heard of it before, it's a Japanese drama about a guy (Ken) who is in love with his childhood friend (Rei) but because he never got the courage to confess his feelings to her, she ends up marrying someone else (Tada). During Rei and Tada's wedding's slideshow at the reception, time freezes and a fairy gives Ken a chance to go back in time to each of the photos in the slideshow and try and fix what went wrong between him and Rei, hopefully so he ends being able to marry her instead.

I liked this drama as I like most Japanese dramas, because there's always usually an innocent protagonist that makes cute gestures towards the other character ^^
This drama also made me laugh a lot, its really funny xD

My favourite part is in episode 4, [How Rei really wants Ken's second button on his uniform during their graduation. Unfortunately he loses it but to make up for it, surprises her with a special/meaningful personal graduation ceremony and a really 'special' gift in her scroll container (in Japanese culture, because students wear their uniform for such a long time, the second button on a guy's uniform is rumoured to contain their 'heart' because it is the button closest to their heart)]

I also thought episode 5 was particularly cute, [The way how the kiss was brought up and also about visiting Rei's grandpa for the last time]

* Highlight the text in between the brackets to reveal spoilers

The bonus episode after the final episode was surprising because I expected it to be a happy ending and that's it, but they threw in some more interesting events :) If it ended in the final 11th episode I actually would have been pretty disappointed, as it was pretty awkward. So I'm glad they included that bonus episode because it gives so much more depth :)

Overall I really liked this drama and I'd recommend it ^^

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