29 July 2013

Sem 2 - First Day

I won't talk too much about this because I made myself an aim to try to keep blog posts less school orientated and more interesting for you all, with reviews, dramas and what not :)
Is it working? Do you guys find it more interesting to read? Let me know what I should talk more/less about in the comments! :)

But anyway I only had 2 classes today, first one was Jap 1B and can I tell you that the class size (compared to Jap 1A) has dramatically dropped by like 75%, the class has shrunken so much now! If there was 400 students in 1A, theres now 100 students in 1B haha.  But its most likely because most people took 1A as a general elective. I mean who doesnt want to learn a language to fill credit space? xD I met someone new called Patty, at first impression I thought she was Korean but she's actually Chinese (international student in her 3rd year, graduating in 2 semesters)!
I probably made a really bad impression though, when we introduced ourselves in Jap I couldn't hear her name properly so whenever we had to converse in Jap, I avoided saying her name. Then there were conversation lines that involved speaking each other's name so I had to ask her for her name lol. 5 minutes later we're asked to speak to each other again, and I forgot her name (so embarrasing) so from the top of my head I called her 'Bekki' but I mumbled it so much, hoping she wouldn't catch it lol. In an effort not to embarrass myself again, I asked if we could add each other on fb, hoping I'd get to see her typing her name in the search bar on fb. She used her account instead and got me to write my name. At first I panicked because I couldn't see her name anywhere, but I ended up seeing it!
Sigh.. I have the worst memory with names/birthdays. EVER. -__-"
But yeah anyway, I'm excited that I made a new friend on the first day. Feels good that people seem to find me approachable hehe xD

Then I had PSYC1011 and managed to find my friend Aisha from Jap! :D Unlike Jap, the students for this course seemed exactly the same as last sem. Seems like psyc is really popular lol. After class we got to hang for about an hour and a half. I really liked it ^__^

Since I was done for the day, I went on an outing with Joy and the rest, to the city to have lunch and go to karaoke (which I havent gone to.. for AGES!) I met someone new called Irene, who happens to be doing Jap as well, but in Macquarie. The outing was fun, especially since we havent seen each other since hols practically started lol. We sung for about 3 hours I think, majority English but we spared half an hr for Kpop and Jpop.
I feel so proud that I can read some Japanese, though I tried singing a Jap song and it didnt work out. But I feel so excited because once I improve in reading Jap really fast, I can start singing songs in K! Can't wait for that day to come =P

Anyway to end this post, while we were hanging in QVB, I saw this jacket that looked so nice! It's really expensive though, but I'm considering buying it.. maybe? haha. It looks so much better in real life, but heres a pic:

It reminds me of those green parkas.. except in a pretty baby blue colour! And in real life, the jacket suits a soft flowy image perfectly (reminds you of those fresh light white linen sheets you find on hotel beds). It may not look like it in the pic but it is! :) Anyhow, its from Seed and its $150.
Pricey but I guess it doesnt hurt to try having one valuable piece in my wardrobe right? :D

Edit: Apparently the term 'anorak' is actually used to describe this style of jacket! With that in mind, I actually managed to find more cheaper options:

^ kind of more of a diff look altogether in terms of colour, but I love the zipper detailing on the back collar!

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