12 August 2013

I met TVXQ and EXO!

..in my dreams, that is @__@
So this post is yet another dream diary update on what I dreamt about this morning and the morning before.
For those who only recently followed me, I do like noting my dreams down as part of my training to lucid dreaming and I feel like I'm getting closer! I'm also an avid believer of the deeper meaning behind dreams. After all, God communicated to many people in the bible through dreams :)

Anyway so this morning (I always remember the dreams I have around 6-7am) I had a very realistic dream that I went to a K-Pop concert with Selena. The vibe felt familiar to the K-Pop Fest concert that Connie and I went to, because near the end of the concert I dreamt about, the K-Pop stars all headed back on stage to take a bow.
At that time, the audience had already cleared up and there were only 50 or so people who stayed back to watch the ending. I decided to seize the opportunity to talk, take a picture with or whatever with some of the K-Pop stars xD
Luckily enough, once the stars finished changing to casual clothes, instead of sneaking out to the back of the venue, out of reach of fans, and into their vans, they came back out onto where the stage was and hopped off, to head back to their hotels or grab a bite to eat.
This is the part where Selena disappeared and I was left to chase after my Changmin xD
When I found him alone, with Yunho no where to be found, I ran up to him and asked if I could take a photo with him, but since I knew he couldnt understand English, I was like, "Photo. Please?" xD He kept rejecting me and shaking his hands at me, trying to avoid me like I was a saesang fan :( I think he was in a rush somewhere and had no time to stop and take a photo? But yeah my tone wasn't crazy, there was a big hint of excitement in my voice but I was screaming or anything, which made me disappointed that he couldn't even stop for a quiet true fan xD But I kept persisting and he eventually gave in, so I excitedly handed my camera over to a random nearby asking them to take a photo of me and Changmin. When given the camera back, Changmin had already walked off but I was already bubbly excited that I got a photo with him, so I pressed the 'view photos' button to admire the photo. And.. to my shock, the person who took the photo only took the photo of Changmin, with me cut off! D: I already lost sight of Changmin by then, so I tried to just navigate and search for him again, but I took my time because I knew I needed to give him some space before I persued him again xD
Anyway, after 4 mins of walking around trying to find him, I blindly bump into an EXO member! I don't remember which member it was because his face wasn't familiar to me, but I just remember he was cute and had the usual K-Pop male idol good-looking kind of aura. (Now that I look through the profiles of EXO, I think it would've either been Xiu Min or Luhan!)
Anyway whoever it was, he was so incredibly kind to me. I forgot this part but I think it started off with both of us apologising when I bumped into him. He then asked me if I was lost and that's when I looked up at his face and was surprised and said "oh you're from EXO!", not exactly answering his question haha. But yeah he replied back in English with a yes and we both walked together asking each other questions like two normal people would do when they're getting to know each other. He asked me who the pretty girl I was with before was, and I said Selena. I remember asking him if he understood English and he said no, he could only understand Korean and Chinese, yet his English knowledge was enough to sustain a long conversation with me? It was kind of like a fob english xD But yeah, near the end of our conversation he asked me if I wanted to join him and the other EXO members for lunch, as that was where they were headed to anyway. So I said yes ^^ It was only when we reached the restaurant that I saw the other members and got introduced to everyone. They were all so, so kind and treated me like a little sister xD I think it was because I was a respectful fan, I treated them like a normal person, but just one that I admire. Like instead of screaming out, "OMGSH ITS EXO!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" I just calmly went "Hey, nice to meet you! I'm a fan of you guys and your music ^^"And I think they liked that because I know they have a rough time with saesang fans, who just shoving the EXO members and stalk them everywhere. Anyway continuing on, I chatted and had lunch with them and at the same time, I saw all the other K-Pop idols sitting at surrounding tables eating at the same restaurant, but that didn't matter because it only meant one thing, and that was that Changmin was there xD And yes, I did spot him 2-3 tables away from EXO, and he glanced at me and at first looked shocked seeing me again but the more he glanced in my direction out of curiosity, the more he had a 'regretful' look in his eyes like he shouldn't have pushed me away so quickly ^^"
Anyway, after the lunch, I decided it was time to go since they all looked like they wanted to head back to their hotel and it would be selfish to want to stay with them all the time, so I thought now it would be a good time to say goodbye by taking a photo with some of the EXO members. Of course the first pic I took was with Xiu Min / Luhan (whoever was in my dream) because it was because of him that it all happened xD The photo we took was rly friendly, he had his arm around my shoulder like we were friends hehe. After him, I looked around for Kai and D.O since they are my biases xD But I didn't want it to be obvious that I had biases, so I decided to take a photo with the group as a whole to be fair =P
And it was after that photo that I thanked all the guys and said my goodbyes.
Changmin glanced my way the whole time, since the EXO guys were the loudest anyway. And I looked him wondering if I should ask him for a photo again. This part is really vague because I woke up around this time, but I think I contemplated not approaching him again as it would be embarrassing, but in the end I did, and tried to explain to him how the last photo we took didnt turn out well. As he couldnt understand English, I just explained myself anyway, showing him the photo and hoping he'd understand xD My dream ended there and I dunno if I did end up getting a pic with him o.o

Whew and yeah, that was my dream this morning! I think the reason why I'm able to explain it in such detail is because it felt pretty real xD I remember some stuff really clearly, like the whole environment where it took place, and bits and pieces of dialogue. I was also able to control aspects of the dream, feeling like I was in control of the events that happened. Possible lucid dream! :D I think when you lucid dream though, when the dream first starts off, you can't control the very beginning, like where it's set, what's happening at that moment etc. So basically where the dream starts off is not in your control, but all your interactions between the environment and people can be controlled once the 'setting' has taken place.

Lucid dreaming is awesome but sometimes I wonder if it can be a bad thing, blurring the lines between reality and a dream. And how it is some form of escapism, I mean I woke up to my alarm at 6am feeling horrible because of my blocked nose and sore throat (reality) so I turned it off before I started dreaming that dream and 'escaping reality'. Perhaps if I get sick of reality, would I cut off real time to spend more time in a dream world? It sounds crazy now but it could be true one day, who knows lol.

On the other side, the morning before today, I had another dream but it was a nightmare LOL. May talk about it tomorrow in brief detail since I already forgot bits and pieces of it :S

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