17 September 2013

1:30am Accomplishment

I've completed it!

So I've got this Japanese interaction test coming up this Thursday where my partner and I have to create a dialogue to present to the class (according to the topics given). Last semester we were given one topic to talk about, and that was final and decided, but now this semester, we're given two topics to present a dialogue on and we don't even know which one of the topics the teachers will ask us to present, until a few minutes before we perform! So basically, we have to create two ~5 min dialogues, only to use one!! D:

Today I created a dialogue for one of the topics all in one day (today) and I have to say, it's pretty damn good (jks) xD But seriously, I feel so accomplished from this, I really hope they choose the topic I wrote about.. :/

A lot of you guys have been wondering how my Japanese is going.. well here's my dialogue! It's representative of the grammar and vocab I learnt this past semester and a half (no google translate needed at all!), besides the fact that the vocab is only restricted to a particular topic (birthday, wishes, and what you'd do if you were rich).

Anyhow, enjoy ^^

You and your partner are at Sho’s birthday party.
Talk about your own birthday and other wishes as well as discussing what you two want for your birthday or what you did during your birthday this year. Then change the topic and discuss what you want to do if you were rich. Elaborate with reasons. Close the conversation by deciding what you want to drink/eat at the party.

Emily spots Jeff sitting by himself and texting.
She approaches him.

E: あれ!ジェフーさん?
Eh? Jeff? (Is that you?)

J: ああ、エミリーさん!おひさしぶり!ぐうぜんですねえ。
Ahh, Emily! Long time no see! What a coincidence.

E: そうですねえ。今何をしますか?
Indeed! What are you doing right now?

J: 今は?何もしませんけど。。
Right now? Nothing really..

E: ええ?どうして? ジェフーさんの友だちは どこに いますか?
Ehh? Why? Where’s your friends?

J: あのう。。友だちがありません。。
Uhh.. I don’t have any friends..

E: ええ?!ほんとうですか?
Ehhh?! Really?

J: なんてねえ!ぼくの友だちは ここにいます*が、明日のあさ テストがありますから(or あるので)、はやくかえりました。
Just kidding! My friend was here but he has a test tomorrow morning so he went home early.

E: ああ、そうですか。。じゃ、いしょうにパーティゲームをしませんか?
Ah, I see. In that case, do you want to play a party game?

J: ええ、ぜひ。どんなゲームがありますか?
Sure, I’d like to. What kind of games are there?

E: そうですね。。マリヨ カートも モノポリーも あります。どちらの方が好きですか?
Let’s see.. There is Mario Kart and Monopoly. Which one do you prefer/like?

J: モノポリーの方が好きです。
I like Monopoly more.

E: はい。じゃ (points to board game far away)、 あそこに 行きましょう!
Okay, let’s play!

(walks over to game)

E: ああ、このゲームが ほしいです!
Ahh for my birthday I really want this game!

J: そうですか。エミリーさんのおたんじょうびは いつ ですか?
Is that so. When is your birthday?

E: 私のたんじょうびは 十げつ 二十六日(にち) です。
My birthday is on October 26.

J: ああ、すぐに ですねえ。じゃ、おたんじょうびには モノポリーが かう*です。
Oh, that’s soon. Well then, I’ll buy it for your birthday.

E: ほんとうに?じゃ、おねがいします!ところで、 ジェフーさんのおたんじょうびは いつ ですか。
Really? Well then, I’ll leave it to you. By the way, when is your birthday?

J: 私のたんじょうびは 一月 二十一日 でした。
My birthday was on January 21.

E: ああ、そうですか。どうでしたか?
Ah I see. How was it?

J: たのしかったです。 
It was fun.

E: 何をしましたか?
What did you do?


E: いいですね。。(Turns attention back to game)
Sounds good.

E: わああ、みて!今 たくさんお金がある!
Wahh, look! Right now I have a lot of money!

J: えええ?! しんじない!!
Ehhhh? Impossible!

E: ああ。。いいですね。。お金もち をしたい*。。
Ahh, this is good. I wish I was rich.

J: お金もち だったら、何が したいですか?
What would you do if you were rich?

E: たくさん ゆうめいなくつが かう*!
I’d buy a lot of famous branded shoes!

J: ええ?どうして?へんな*。。
Ehh? Why? So strange..

E: おんなのこですから!
Because I’m a girl!

J: ああ、はい。わかりますた。。
Ahh, okay I understand.

E: じゃ、ジェフーさん、 お金もち だったら、何が したいですか?
What would you do if you were rich?

J: たくさん 高い*くるまが かう*!
Buy a lot of expensive cars!

E: ええ?どうして?へんな*。。
Ehh? Why? So strange..

J: おとこのひとですから!
Because I’m a guy!

E: (Sighs) はい、はい。わかりました。。
Okay, okay, I understand..

Hmm.. I’m thirsty.

Me too.

etc. etc.

(Haven't finished the closing lines, I'll do that tomorrow)

02 September 2013

Vanilla Sky + Lucid Dreaming

Seeing Vanilla Sky on TV right now makes me not want to lucid dream anymore :'(
The possibility of the line between dream and reality fading is a really scary thought and I would absolutely hate to go insane if that were to happen..