20 October 2013

PLL Nightmare

So I had a nightmare this morning that I was stalked, like in PLL, but worse because he was a male T__T Every where I turned and everywhere I would turn, he would be there, or he would pop up when I least expected it, waiting for me to be vulnerable just for one second. I remember I was so scared that I refused to let go of my mum's hand even for one second, scared that the moment she let go and turned her head away to do something, the stalker would grab me and take me away. I remember he captured me once but I managed to escape, so I ran home screaming to my parents about this stalker, and they believed me but I don't think they could do much for me except tell me that they'd always be there for me physically from that point on. There was this one scene where I was captured, had a gun and while his back was turned, I shot him a couple of times and when I saw he was down, I waited to confirm, then ran for my life out of the house he took hostage of me in, but when I reached the door, he was there, so angry he looked like he was gonna punch the lights out of me D: I swear I watch too much CSI, this happens all the time during episodes :/

But yeah, thats about it. I'm hesitating to watch this Halloween's PLL comeback now..

12 October 2013


So Pokemon X and Y got released today!
I would be excited but I realised I wasted so much money in the hype for it.. :S
Firstly I pre-ordered it so that I could get it exactly on the release date and not have to risk going to shop and having it sold out.. nup, turns out if I went at this time to buy it, there would still be copies!
Secondly, I paid an extra $4 for express shipping, also so didn't have to receive it like 3 days after the release date.. The release date is on a non-working day, so I won't even get it until Monday T__T
Lastly I pre-ordered it from EB for $60.00, when I could just get it at Big W $44.00..
I went with EB games because I wanted loyalty points on my card, but spending the extra money, when you come down to is, isnt really worth it.. how sad xD


04 October 2013

Mid-Sem Break + D&M Time

Long time no talk!
I've been wanting to blog so bad, but blogging literally takes up hours of my time just to write a short post (I'm perfectionist when it comes to choosing words to fit in and/or flow in a blog post).

Well it's midnight and there's a lot on my mind so here goes :)

Firstly: how have my holidays been?
Well.. my brain is dead, I've been doing absolutely nothing uni related.
I did a 6 hour work shift on Tuesday and Wednesday and today (Friday) will be an 8 hour shift. 
I dislike getting up early in the morning and having to travel for an hour to work, but once I get there, everything is pretty breezy from there.
I absolutely love my job, I think it really is a blessing. The pay is really respectable, for one. Second, a lot of people might not find looking at teeth all day interesting, but I think it's so cool, in a geeky, science, medical way. You can't help but feel kinda professional like a 'doctor in training', wearing all the gear, knowing all the technical terms etc. xD
From working with teeth all the time, I have a so much higher appreciation for dentists/assistants than before. I used to wonder why whenever I visit the dentist, what the point of suction was, if I constantly feel a pool of water rising at the back of my throat. But now being in the assistant's shoes, it turns out putting the suction that far back in their mouth would make them chock/gag :O Also, during dentist appointments, you can't exactly see what the dentist does in your mouth, you can only assume through the noise or feel that it makes. So I used to always wonder, "I wonder what this gel they're putting into my mouth is used for?" and.. now I know! I actually can't wait for my next dentist appointment now hahaha

Anyway so moving on, on Monday I went on a road trip! It was fairly simplistic, we just went to Port Kembla and made several pit stops along the way. I didn't feel completely comfortable/at ease because group members that I was closest with couldn't come, so I ended up being quite quiet/shy, especially because there were people there that I also didn't know. Regardless of that though, I still had a great time and a lot of nice photos were taken and memories were made! :) Evident on facebook lol.

On Thursday night (which was just a few hours ago), Aseq and Stefanus came to my house to do a sound recording of me playing bass, for a song that we're producing for our church. It was so cool! We had the professional technology to directly record the bass playing onto the laptop, where it was edited in a program similar to Garageband, but more professional xD The rest of the recorded instruments sound amazing! Later on Aseq said he wanted me to do backup vocal for the song as well - ahhhhhh
I don't know whether to be excited or nervous. I'm honoured to play a prominent role in the recording of our song, but in true, rock-hard, honesty, I don't know why they want me to sing - my singing voice is not great - I've rarely screamed/shouted in my entire life and as a result, my voice is really weak/soft.
Well I'll just go along with it for now. Other than that, I'm sooo excited for you guys to hear the final result, it will be sooo cool! From hearing the backing track so far, it sounds so good, think something similar to the stuff Alex Goot does hehe. This song recording is launching during my church's Christmas event, and will be broadcasted across all our branching churches in Indonesia, China etc.
Seriously so geed!

Anyway so that's my holidays summed up, and its already 1am so I should probably go to sleep now ):

I promise I'll get back to you on the deeper stuff! :)
Til then!