12 October 2013


So Pokemon X and Y got released today!
I would be excited but I realised I wasted so much money in the hype for it.. :S
Firstly I pre-ordered it so that I could get it exactly on the release date and not have to risk going to shop and having it sold out.. nup, turns out if I went at this time to buy it, there would still be copies!
Secondly, I paid an extra $4 for express shipping, also so didn't have to receive it like 3 days after the release date.. The release date is on a non-working day, so I won't even get it until Monday T__T
Lastly I pre-ordered it from EB for $60.00, when I could just get it at Big W $44.00..
I went with EB games because I wanted loyalty points on my card, but spending the extra money, when you come down to is, isnt really worth it.. how sad xD


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