20 October 2013

PLL Nightmare

So I had a nightmare this morning that I was stalked, like in PLL, but worse because he was a male T__T Every where I turned and everywhere I would turn, he would be there, or he would pop up when I least expected it, waiting for me to be vulnerable just for one second. I remember I was so scared that I refused to let go of my mum's hand even for one second, scared that the moment she let go and turned her head away to do something, the stalker would grab me and take me away. I remember he captured me once but I managed to escape, so I ran home screaming to my parents about this stalker, and they believed me but I don't think they could do much for me except tell me that they'd always be there for me physically from that point on. There was this one scene where I was captured, had a gun and while his back was turned, I shot him a couple of times and when I saw he was down, I waited to confirm, then ran for my life out of the house he took hostage of me in, but when I reached the door, he was there, so angry he looked like he was gonna punch the lights out of me D: I swear I watch too much CSI, this happens all the time during episodes :/

But yeah, thats about it. I'm hesitating to watch this Halloween's PLL comeback now..

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