21 November 2013

As Expected =="

So my prediction was right, I got a notification today that I have to take a supplementary chem exam ):
Looks like my holiday is delayed for another week..

20 November 2013

Summer Holidays!

So my last exam finished today and the long awaited 3 month holiday officially begins!
I wouldn't be too excited at the moment though, I think I might have to take a supplementary exam or two because of how poorly I did in the exams..

But with that out of the way, I spent the rest of my post-exam day watching a few episodes of Running Man, gaming, then finally starting to watch The Heirs (shout out to slee)! Oh my goodness, I'm so addicted lol It's 12:51am as I'm writing, and I'm still watching it! hahaha
And I've developed a liking to the handsome Lee Min Ho (late enough as it is). I mean I would always hear people saying they love him but I never caught on to the craze until now, I'd say. It's also my first drama I've watched with him in it, should I be ashamed? :S Oh besides Princess Hours Boys Over Flowers, but I only watched like 2 episodes of that before finding it terribly boring.

Oh! Umm onto something else, aren't these the best things ever?! I usually don't follow fashion trends because they're outright weird most of the time + expensive when in season. But these floral printed kimonos are so pretty! They're on ASOS for $70.24 but there's a 30% sale at the moment hehe ^__^