21 January 2014

Cooking Adventures: Dessert Sided

Today I learnt how to make caramel! ..I didn't know that making it was the easy part, cleaning it was the hardest part -__-"
The reason I made caramel was to recreate one of my all time favourite snacks - caramel popcorn! For the popcorn I just used the instant microwave ones, then topped it off with the homemade caramel ^^

On a sidenote, I've been catching up to AKBingo episodes recently and watching one of them really made me want to try making omurice!

Takamina is hilarious in this one, especially at 05:05 and 05:29 xD
I didn't think Yukirin would be a bad cook but watching this show gives me so hope, they're probably as noob as I am =P

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