21 January 2014

New Friends!!

Omgsh something exciting happened today hahaha
But before I talk about it..
So unfortunately yesterday I had to go back to uni earlier than everyone else because I enrolled in chem bridging course (..AGAIN) and so I was nervous about the whole friend making and what not, and then it hit me that I'd probably one of the extreme few, or if anything, probably the one and only 2nd year student amidst all the 1st year students .___. Well anyway it was quite a refreshing feeling when I entered into my first lecture: first day back at uni, that feeling I was getting from all the freshmen surrounding me, all excited to explore unsw but confused of the whole system xD ahhh it made me feel so old but that feeling of my absolute first day at uni came back to me for a while so it was kinda nice to experience it again xD
While I was sitting down in the lecture, I scanned the room for potential friends and realised like 90% of the class wasn't asian :O bridging chem is soooo different from normal chem, normal chem is like 90% asians LOL well anyway I did spot a few friendly looking people but they all had their friends already so I probably thought it was best to go it alone for the entire course.
After the lecture was the tutorial straight away and I got the awesome tutor! There's 3 tutors in total, one of them was my tutor for the last time I did bridging course, another one was my tutor for normal chem, and the last (awesome) one was the lead demonstrator in my lab last time I did bridging. I'm embarrassed because I think I'm a familar face to all of them and dumb enough to repeat a bridging course ^^" Well anyway I like my tutor because she has a super friendly approach when teaching, she looks so happy all the time, she must love chem haha xD
Anyway there were two asians in my class, one guy and one girl, but being the socially awkward shy person that I am, I knew I probably would never be able to befriend them unless I made the first move/initiative to intro myself to one of them :S And of course, that would be like.. never.. I never take initiative @__@ So I kinda faced the fact I'd probs be loner (but thats cool, cause I go it alone LOL... jks)
So that was all yesterday, TODAY I just finished my tute about an hour ago, and as I left the class, this person taps me from behind.. and its that asian guy!! He was with these two other guys so I felt intimidated by what he was gonna say, but he randomly asks me if we met before! o___o He told me that I looked like one of his friends, so thats why he asked me. But yeah, of course I didn't know him, so after his realisation, he just intro-ed himself and we talked all the way till the entrance of the main walkway (we walked from Law Bld). He asked what I was doing and what not and when I told him I was doing Jap he suddenly tries to start a Jap conversation with me, to much fail hahaha rephrasing what he said, "Ni hon go......... okay lets just talk in english lol" hahah but yeah turns out he did Jap extension in high school! I could probs learn from him! hahah anyway he later intro-ed me to one of the guys that happened to be indo, and he was fresh from indo and just came to aus this year, yet I was surprised his english was pretty good :O and the other guy, I didn't manage to get his name, but we had to go diff ways already, so I just thought to save it for next time.

But yeah! omgsh I can't believe I managed to make friends on the second day! Loner no moreeeee xD