28 February 2014

2 Hours Less Uni!

Oh and I finally passed chem! Well.. the bridging course, but I'm just so happy I finally passed at the very least xD Fingers crossed I finally pass this chem too!

As promised, the details on yesterday :D
So I met up with my friend to go to O-Week and get some free fairy floss but it was raining at the same time so the experience wasn't that great ): I think the rain got the fairy floss wet and it started dripping onto my clothes D: But anyway that was it for O-Week, we just hurried to city and met up with another friend to watch Non-Stop! After watching the movie I asked my friends how it was and they said it was good but their response didn't seem convincing.. :S On the other hand, I loved it! I think its because I'm really into watching Air Crash Investigations (but at the same time pretty freaked out by it), and this movie just somehow reminded me of it, except way more intense :O But on the other hand, the ending was pretty unrealistic and not good :/ I wish 'that bad person' had a better motive for doing what he did.. Oh well :S
I just headed home after the movie, as it was already like 6:00pm and my friend was coming over to my place after work at 6:30pm to get changed. As soon as I got home, she came like 10 mins later haha. Apparently its been ages since my friend came over to my house, so she got to meet Toby for the first time :D
So we headed there by around 7:00pm, and even though the line was pretty long, it went by really quickly since they were just stamping people, checking IDs and scanning tickets. We both sorta regretting coming early because the atmosphere wasn't really that lively and the dance floor was still closed so we got drinks and I had the mildest drink I could get - apple cider haha. There was a slight alcohol aftertaste but it was barely noticeable, so it tasted pretty okay. While we just chilling a group of asian guys approached us but none of them really attracted our attention so we kept the conversation very short lol. They were all from James Ruse though, so when we asked them what they were studying, they all said some sort of engineering combined with another degree .__. When we moved to another area, two other guys approached us and they weren't that appealing either ;___; the asian guy was talking to my friend while I had an indian guy. I tried sustaining the conversation to be friendly but he started REALLY creeping me out because he had his hand over my shoulder, so I was so thankful when they left -.-" We were finally saved when we spotted a good friend of ours, so we stuck with him most of the time after that. My friend at one point went to get another drink and I think it was Smirnoff double black with citrus and it tasted really good, it was kinda like lemonade and alcohol mixed together. I'd say this is second on my list to Cruisers, but I have yet to experiment lol
Anyhow I don't know why but I was so confused when we got to the dance floor, being someone who doesn't know how to dance at all, I was looking around at everyone else, and they were just moving to the music so I automatically thought to do the same? I guess if you're into club/party music, its so easy to immerse yourself in it and enjoy listening to it, but for me it wasn't really my kind of thing, so it took me aaaaages to get into it, but I eventually did I guess. Probably the worst part of the night was that while I was dancing, some random asian from behind me decided they were welcome to put their hands around my waist?! I mean I understand that people feel more free to do whatever they want in a club cause you know, you might never see them again.. but personally I found it really uncomfortable, so I kinda pushed their hands off with my elbows near my waist. But that guy really didn't get the message, he did it about 2-3 times before backing off =/ Sigh..
Hmm well that was basically all that happened that night, one thing I noticed was that I was still completely fine after one drink and 1/4 of my friend's. Sometimes I still wonder what my limit is.. :S
Overall I enjoyed it while it lasted, but honestly I probably wouldn't consider going to another one, at least for a while haha :)

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  1. aw noms! :'( shouldve kicked him in the balls