12 March 2014

水曜日 - ストレス D:

Can't wait for tomorrow onwards - all uni classes have officially started this week and I've packed all my tutorials and labs on Monday and Tuesday so now I can just relax and make notes for the remainder of the week :D Tuesdays are not really my piece of cake though, it's like high school all over again where my bag weighs nearly as much as me.. the amount of books I have to bring is too damn high ):
And ahh it's not so much the workload but I'm really really not enjoying Japanese at the moment, I'm so far behind from last year so I have tons to catch up on.. :/ Economics isn't any better, I couldn't answer any of the 20 questions prescribed for homework -.- Tutorials are so scary, the teacher just picks students at random to answer some of the questions from the homework set.. so if you didn't do it, you're screwed lol. I happened to get picked today and thank heavens it wasn't a really complicated question that required maths. While I was up in front of the class explaining the answer though, I felt extremely nervous and my voice and body was really shaky ):

Anyway writing this post gives off so much stress, sorry about that! I'll be sure to write something more interesting/positive in the future!

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