07 March 2014

Second Time

So first week of uni has finally concluded! Which means next week will be return to reality where homework and assignments start piling in :/
But apart from that, I really enjoyed it a lot and seeing my friends again :)
Today I went to Karaoke and decided to give drinking another go, so I had a Vodka Cruiser Black in raspberry flavour. I finally downed a bottle! Call me a noob, but I thought by the end of the drink I would experience effects of some sort despite the alcohol content being low, but nothing happened, I felt completely normal, so it was a bit of a downer lol. I sound really paranoid but I really do want to take it one drink at a time, and (extremely slowly) test out my limits, probably go for 1 and a half bottles of that stuff next time? I sound like I'm turning bad aren't I ): I guess it's just a phase I'm going through, I'm 20 this year and it will conclude my teenage years so I'm just thinking of living a little differently, or I will regret it.

Look forward to seeing a different side of me this year then! :)
But be nice friends and pls save me if I sound like I'm going down the wrong path D:

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  1. Aww Noms!! lets go to da clubs for your birthday! ;)