22 June 2014

Desk Makeover

Hi all!

As you can probably tell by the following photos, I got into a pretty creative mood and decided to rearrange my desk into something a bit more feminine and well.. definitely way more organised and less messy haha. I forgot to take before-photos but if you just imagine piles of books everywhere and nothing pretty about it, and that's a pretty accurate description of before xD

Top left: Was meant to be a whiteboard but for now using as a mood board :D The upper prints are from a brand called Birdy&Me, illustrated by Kelly Smith, and her designs and artwork are amazing! If you've ever read Girlfriend magazine, you may have noticed that she is the artist behind the really pretty illustrations for the horoscopes section, and that's how I came to stumble across this artist :) Her designs are mainly revolved around watercolour, pastels, florals and fashion, so if you like any of those, definitely recommend following her on instagram or her other websites! :) http://instagram.com/birdyandme

Top Right: I bought this clear plastic paper shelf holder today from Officeworks in the city, to replace this very old electric blue coloured one I had, and it was honestly the best decision ever, which was actually what inspired me to rearrange my desk in the first place :) It matches so beautifully with the mint and white ornaments and the mini flower arrangement! I took an additional photo showing the cute milkshake glass that the flowers are in:

Initially I created this desk schema to be more in the mood when studying, but honestly, it might well do the opposite, as it is quite distracting! hahah
Let me know if you're also feeling inspired to rearrange your desk ^^

18 June 2014

Lovisa Sale Haul

Hey all :)

Just taking a small break from studying to post this up!
Lovisa was having a sale so I went on a bit of a haul and bought 3 necklaces and an earring set. 
Lately I'm really into statement necklaces, which for some reason before, I wasn't a fan of, probably because I prefer those simple small charm necklaces. But lately I've been noticing my outfits have been a bit too plain / simple, so I think the best way to brighten it up would be a statement necklace :D

All jewellery was reduced from like $12-$15 to $5, so it was an amazing deal! The only exception was the glitter triangle one which was $15 I think but I think it's totally worth it, as it was my favourite out of all the necklaces :)

Here's a few more pictures:

And that is all :)
I'm not sure how long the sale goes for but it has been going longer than 2 weeks so I assume it ends soon. I recommend going if you're looking to freshen and update your jewellery 'closet'! Lovisa has sales all the time, but I reckon this has been the best I've seen so far, because a lot of the good items are available.

Let me know if you guys get anything good!
Till next time :D

16 June 2014

Two Mums..? [Dream]

I had this really depressing dream where I was just really happy with my family but then one day my dad comes up to me and tells me about my other mum (apparently my biological mum) and how she's really sick. Apparently I knew deep in my heart that I was raised by a different mum 10 years ago when I was younger, but I spent years putting it behind to start a new life with my new and current mum, to the point that I was able to completely forget about her? Part of the reason why I was able to forget in the first place was because my biological mum was 100% identical in appearance to my current mum, like a twin (but they weren't related), so it felt like when one left and the other instantly came to replace her, that it was still the same mum (appearance-wise)

 So to be finally reminded again, I had so many mixed emotions - firstly, sadness because my current mum loved me so much that I thought of her as the one and only, second, regret because I couldn't believe I forgot about my biological mum in the first place and thirdly, shocked/depressed that she was sick. 

Later that day when I found out, I went to go visit her and she didn't look like my current mum, but instead, looked exactly the same as she did 10 years ago when she left me (basically was the younger version of my current mum). So basically she didn't age at all since last time I met her. But that didn't have anything to do with her illness, in the dream, her looking the same as she did 10 years ago didn't come off as strange to me. She was lying in bed with a doctor carer by her bedside. She looked pale, malnourished etc. Every time she coughed, it sounded like a phlegmy cough that you normally get when you have a cold (those terrible-sounding ones), and her upper and lower body would jump up (like what happens with a defibrillator) and she would have the urge to throw up into the bag that the doctor held beside her bed. After seeing that, I couldn't hold it in and just ran to a spot away from everybody and just cried uncontrollably non-stop.


And I couldn't remember the rest of my dream.
Was a really depressing dream, I have a feeling there's many connotations that I'll need to decode but I have an exam in a few hours so I'll come back to it later. But if there's a message to take away from that dream, it's that I need to show my mum more love, I already love her with all my heart but I sometimes don't show/express it enough.

14 June 2014

Academic Distress

Honestly worried about my academic standing after I do my two exams this week :(

13 June 2014

PLL Season 5!

For anyone who watches Pretty Little Liars, season 5 just premiered with it's first episode, "EscApe from New York"! One of the things I mainly anticipated for this episode was finding out what happened to Ezra (won't spoil anything here). The question most definitely gets answered in the episode, so no disappointments there :) The Mona scene was very very interesting, the things she's getting up to now seem really devious. And the ending is truly shocking, I never expected 'that' person to appear at the end and do what they did :O There were a lot of unanswered questions that I'm looking forward to in the next episode, regarding Mrs. D, Shana and Melissa especially.

Once you've watched it, let me know what you thought!

Colourful Dream

Had this really weird dream this morning, where you can change your hair colour just by typing in the colour code, similar to the Sims. I dyed one side of my hair pastel blue and the other side pastel pink but I didn't like it so I changed to a nice brown colour LOL

This is what it looked like:

Then there was a connected dream with Ariana Grande and somehow she was holding a candy machine with different coloured mini MnM-looking candy in each tube, and if you ever wanted to get a bowl with specific coloured candies, you can just twist the tap at the bottom of any of the tubes with the colour you want, and it will drop out one by one into the container below, exactly like a slightly turned tap with water dripping out drop by drop. 

It looked kinda like this, except portable size with a huge collecting container at the bottom:

If I remember right, I think these MnM's can also change your hair colour?

There was this other part of the dream about something different, but I forgot it :( All I remember was that it was pretty scary, I think I was being chased or something?

10 June 2014

Internal Rage

Hey all,

Writing at 1am in the morning because I was just about to fall asleep when something bad that happened during the day just happened to cross my mind , and now I can't sleep :/

So today I drove my mum and I to go grocery shopping at Eastgardens Westfield (seeing as it was public holiday and raining). Nothing better to do, right? Apparently that's everyone's plan too - the parking space was so crowded :S So i spent around half an hour searching each level and circling around endlessly trying to find parking until I gave up and just decided to tail people that looked like they were heading back to their car. We finally found  some people parked at an intersection, unloading groceries, so we dived in,  put the  indicator on and waited for about 5 minutes for them to leave.  I like to consider myself as patient (in most circumstances) , I totally didn't mind that they were taking their time in unloading groceries, as long as I could finally get a parking spot. So they finally reversed out of the parking spot and drove past us, and that was my queue to reverse back into the space. Then out of nowhere, this guy that happened to head towards the intersection, just dove straight into my parking space!!  All my patience was thrown out the window and I wanted to beep at him sooooo bad, but... I didn't. Typical me.  Ahhh I was so pissed , I can't believe people would have the nerve to cut in like that , he didn't  even look around first to see that I was waiting >:(

Sigh anyway that's all I wanted to say, I didn't get the chance to beep at the driver, so my internal rage is still bottled up inside.. Very few things piss me off, and today, that driver was one of them :/

07 June 2014

Cuteness Overload

Hey everyone!

Today was pretty eventful as we drove to Parklea Markets to get Toby's annual vaccination from the shop owners and also get his nails clipped. When we got there, Toby felt pretty stressed out, most likely not because of the needle, but the fact of being held in the first place (he hates that). He got so stressed out, that he kept pushing, kicking and struggling to the point that one of his foot nails fully ripped out! D: I can only imagine that would be the human equivalent of ripping out one whole of your nail.. painful right? But to this point, he's fine now, the handler sprayed on something to stop it getting infected (it literally looked like they were spraying on purple spray paint) .__. 

Anyway after that, we bought extra supplies, then went around looking at the other pets. These were the cutest!

This dog was sooooo adorable, and I found out it was a chihuahua x pomeranian. Two of the cutest dog breeds combined together!

So anyway as the day went on.. there were some issues here and there.. but to cut straight to the exciting part.. we have a new member of the family! ;) I know what you're thinking, and no, I wish it was that dog too ): 

But anyway, introducing.. Luna, my sister's minilop!

Yes, she's got a 'stache! hehe.

Can't wait to show you all her progress and growth later on! :)

04 June 2014

Tattoos [Temporary]

I don't know why but lately I've been obsessing over the thought of buying a temporary tattoo, especially after seeing these!

These have a summery look to it, so I'd have to wait till next season to even consider buying these, but on the other hand, you may be familiar with these ones:

They're the simple, girly ones you often find all other tumblr - birds, cursive quotes, anchors, infinity signs etc. Some tattoos are real, some have been drawn on (by the artistic talented), and some.. are temporary :) I stumbled across this website that has a really big range of those kinds of tattoos and I'm really keen to get something from there!

That's all for today! :)

02 June 2014

June; Winter

As promised this is part 2 and today I'll be talking about my daily essentials favourites :)

Here are the products that I will be mentioning:

First things first, is the base! I like to go extremely natural and let my face breathe, so I'm not one to wear foundation, but if I do notice some imperfections I'd like to cover up, I'd use this:

This is Loreal's Nude Magique CC Cream in Anti-Redness, so as the name suggests, I use this product mainly only when there red spots on my skin :)

Now this product I didn't list above, but before I go into any eye makeup, I'm always sure to use this first:

This product might be unknown to a lot of westerners, but to asians who weren't born with double eyelids, products like these can make a big difference. 

Unfortunately I was one of the many that weren't blessed with good eyelids. I don't have any monolids.. but I don't have double eyelids either, instead I'm an in-between, which is crazy to believe even exists! On top of that, I've always had uneven eyelids, my left eye tends to be a double eyelid whereas my right eye is more of a monolid. 

With all that being said, I use this product to even it out and make it 10 times more easier to put on makeup :) This is Koji Eyetalk Excellent (strongest out of their Eyetalk range but also the most expensive!)

Now with even eyelids, I move on to my eyeliner :D

I used to swear by liquid liner for years, so much, that I bought this a while ago:

It was my second time purchasing the Loreal Super Liner, as it was really good and a friend of mine personally recommended it to me. I had already used it about 5 times before deciding to experiment with gel liner and since then, I've never gone back to liquid! Safe to say, I've been completely converted even after all these years with liquid liner hahaha
Even after converting to gel liner, I tried on my liquid liner again but actually found it hard to use, after already getting used to gel liner lol.

Back to the gel, the one I use is Bobby Brown Long-Lasting Gel Liner in 'Black Ink'. An avid user of liquid, at first I wasn't used to the softer duller look that gel gave and putting it on in the first place was like the hardest thing ever, but the transition was worth it! I could rant on about this, but for any liquid users interested in trying out gel, the transition process is a downright struggle (or maybe thats just me), but in time you'll get used to it :)

Anyway let's move on! After liner comes the lashes:

Hearing good reviews about this one, I use Shiseido's eyelash curler.

This is Clinique's High Impact Mascara and it was given to me as a birthday present by Jeremie (thankyou!). I love this one because it makes my lashes look both fuller and longer, and helps to keep the curl in my lashes :)

I used to use this one because I heard good reviews about it:

But the brush is totally not suited to my lashes, for me personally it doesn't give me fuller looking lashes and clumps easily. All I've found that it does, is make the lashes you already have, look thicker, but it doesn't really do it for me since I have sparse lashes. So after switching to Clinque, I've avoided this one all together.

Lastly, the lips!
For those who know me well, I swear by this product and have solid proof:

Those are all legit empty Maybelline Baby Lips there :O
The sides of my mouth used to always split, minimum once every two month, even after using Vaseline jelly, but since switching to this one, I very rarely suffer from it anymore. Halleluia. The only downside to Baby Lips is that it wears out very very easily, leaving your bare lips susceptible to dryness very often unless you reapply it again. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I've used up so much? But honestly, it feels great not having split sides as often anymore, it's worth it!

As a very subtle finish, I might occasionally use this:

Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 077 Asia, it's quite a natural shade that I dab very lightly on my lips to prevent them from looking pale, although I don't encounter this problem too much thankfully :)

Finally when the day ends, I remove all my makeup using Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover. I forgot to take a picture of this one so I just found one on the internet:

I used to use Maybelline Express Care Eye&Lip Remover, which I had no trouble with, but I can't find them on the shelves anymore? Apparently they had a package transformation (which, might I say, looks really pretty! especially compared to the old package), but I couldn't even find that, so I don't know, I just researched for good ones and heard the wipes version of this was good, so I bought the liquid version. I personally find both my old and new remover are just as good, both don't break me out, so that's a plus, and both are decent in removing makeup :)

And it comes to an end! There are some products that I bought a few months ago, that I wanted to show you guys and am excited to try out once my current ones are finished, but I'll leave that till next time. Thanks for reading! :)