07 June 2014

Cuteness Overload

Hey everyone!

Today was pretty eventful as we drove to Parklea Markets to get Toby's annual vaccination from the shop owners and also get his nails clipped. When we got there, Toby felt pretty stressed out, most likely not because of the needle, but the fact of being held in the first place (he hates that). He got so stressed out, that he kept pushing, kicking and struggling to the point that one of his foot nails fully ripped out! D: I can only imagine that would be the human equivalent of ripping out one whole of your nail.. painful right? But to this point, he's fine now, the handler sprayed on something to stop it getting infected (it literally looked like they were spraying on purple spray paint) .__. 

Anyway after that, we bought extra supplies, then went around looking at the other pets. These were the cutest!

This dog was sooooo adorable, and I found out it was a chihuahua x pomeranian. Two of the cutest dog breeds combined together!

So anyway as the day went on.. there were some issues here and there.. but to cut straight to the exciting part.. we have a new member of the family! ;) I know what you're thinking, and no, I wish it was that dog too ): 

But anyway, introducing.. Luna, my sister's minilop!

Yes, she's got a 'stache! hehe.

Can't wait to show you all her progress and growth later on! :)

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