13 June 2014

Colourful Dream

Had this really weird dream this morning, where you can change your hair colour just by typing in the colour code, similar to the Sims. I dyed one side of my hair pastel blue and the other side pastel pink but I didn't like it so I changed to a nice brown colour LOL

This is what it looked like:

Then there was a connected dream with Ariana Grande and somehow she was holding a candy machine with different coloured mini MnM-looking candy in each tube, and if you ever wanted to get a bowl with specific coloured candies, you can just twist the tap at the bottom of any of the tubes with the colour you want, and it will drop out one by one into the container below, exactly like a slightly turned tap with water dripping out drop by drop. 

It looked kinda like this, except portable size with a huge collecting container at the bottom:

If I remember right, I think these MnM's can also change your hair colour?

There was this other part of the dream about something different, but I forgot it :( All I remember was that it was pretty scary, I think I was being chased or something?

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