22 June 2014

Desk Makeover

Hi all!

As you can probably tell by the following photos, I got into a pretty creative mood and decided to rearrange my desk into something a bit more feminine and well.. definitely way more organised and less messy haha. I forgot to take before-photos but if you just imagine piles of books everywhere and nothing pretty about it, and that's a pretty accurate description of before xD

Top left: Was meant to be a whiteboard but for now using as a mood board :D The upper prints are from a brand called Birdy&Me, illustrated by Kelly Smith, and her designs and artwork are amazing! If you've ever read Girlfriend magazine, you may have noticed that she is the artist behind the really pretty illustrations for the horoscopes section, and that's how I came to stumble across this artist :) Her designs are mainly revolved around watercolour, pastels, florals and fashion, so if you like any of those, definitely recommend following her on instagram or her other websites! :) http://instagram.com/birdyandme

Top Right: I bought this clear plastic paper shelf holder today from Officeworks in the city, to replace this very old electric blue coloured one I had, and it was honestly the best decision ever, which was actually what inspired me to rearrange my desk in the first place :) It matches so beautifully with the mint and white ornaments and the mini flower arrangement! I took an additional photo showing the cute milkshake glass that the flowers are in:

Initially I created this desk schema to be more in the mood when studying, but honestly, it might well do the opposite, as it is quite distracting! hahah
Let me know if you're also feeling inspired to rearrange your desk ^^

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