10 June 2014

Internal Rage

Hey all,

Writing at 1am in the morning because I was just about to fall asleep when something bad that happened during the day just happened to cross my mind , and now I can't sleep :/

So today I drove my mum and I to go grocery shopping at Eastgardens Westfield (seeing as it was public holiday and raining). Nothing better to do, right? Apparently that's everyone's plan too - the parking space was so crowded :S So i spent around half an hour searching each level and circling around endlessly trying to find parking until I gave up and just decided to tail people that looked like they were heading back to their car. We finally found  some people parked at an intersection, unloading groceries, so we dived in,  put the  indicator on and waited for about 5 minutes for them to leave.  I like to consider myself as patient (in most circumstances) , I totally didn't mind that they were taking their time in unloading groceries, as long as I could finally get a parking spot. So they finally reversed out of the parking spot and drove past us, and that was my queue to reverse back into the space. Then out of nowhere, this guy that happened to head towards the intersection, just dove straight into my parking space!!  All my patience was thrown out the window and I wanted to beep at him sooooo bad, but... I didn't. Typical me.  Ahhh I was so pissed , I can't believe people would have the nerve to cut in like that , he didn't  even look around first to see that I was waiting >:(

Sigh anyway that's all I wanted to say, I didn't get the chance to beep at the driver, so my internal rage is still bottled up inside.. Very few things piss me off, and today, that driver was one of them :/

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