18 June 2014

Lovisa Sale Haul

Hey all :)

Just taking a small break from studying to post this up!
Lovisa was having a sale so I went on a bit of a haul and bought 3 necklaces and an earring set. 
Lately I'm really into statement necklaces, which for some reason before, I wasn't a fan of, probably because I prefer those simple small charm necklaces. But lately I've been noticing my outfits have been a bit too plain / simple, so I think the best way to brighten it up would be a statement necklace :D

All jewellery was reduced from like $12-$15 to $5, so it was an amazing deal! The only exception was the glitter triangle one which was $15 I think but I think it's totally worth it, as it was my favourite out of all the necklaces :)

Here's a few more pictures:

And that is all :)
I'm not sure how long the sale goes for but it has been going longer than 2 weeks so I assume it ends soon. I recommend going if you're looking to freshen and update your jewellery 'closet'! Lovisa has sales all the time, but I reckon this has been the best I've seen so far, because a lot of the good items are available.

Let me know if you guys get anything good!
Till next time :D

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