01 August 2014

Messy Emotions

Long time no post!

Just thought I'd give a few bits and pieces of what's been happening recently :)

So it's first week back at uni and I'm actually off to a good start, every night when I come home I spend the whole night reviewing my lectures and write further notes on stuff I didn't understand. I figured it's better this way, using a 'study-as-I-go' approach rather than cramming for exams a few days before. Let's hope it works! :) Part of the reason I'm striving to work harder this sem (and am actually doing it this time) is because my current subjects are amazing! I'm doing neuroscience, anatomy, perception and cognition psychology and repeating math stats. Neuroscience is my absolute favourite subject with anatomy coming a close second :) On the downside, another reason why I'm working hard is because I got a 'referral' academic standing due to poor sem 1 results :( If I fail something this sem, my standing might change to probation.. scary huh? T_T I feel that it should be easy to get good marks this sem if I genuinely work hard, because last sem I didn't do any of my tutorial homework, and barely studied for my exams.. like 10% effort :/ I can do this!! I have to!!

On the 29th - 30th July, Priceline was having a 40% off skincare sale! There went my plans on saving for a trip to Japan LOL I went there by myself after uni but coincidentally my mum was at the same shopping centre as me, so luckily she was willing to share the costs hehe ^^ I just kept to the basics and bought what I really needed, here's what I got :)

The first one is Garnier Body Gel-Lotion. I've always been using Vaseline aloe vera light lotion for everyday use but I realise it's too light and my skin gets dry again halfway throughout the day, so I'm opting for a heavier intense body cream :) I've only used it for one day but I quite like it, I feel like my skin is more softer, but maybe I'm just imagining things, I dunno haha.

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was recommended to me by Kirsty :D Unfortunately for me, it doesn't work as well for me as it does for my friend, it barely removed any of my eye makeup, so I had to use my other makeup remover to do the rest (and most) of the job D: It didn't say the product was specifically for the eyes, and although it does say it removes makeup, it seems to serve more as a cleanser (hence 'cleansing water'), so with those facts in mind, I can understand that it didn't do the job as well ^^" However on the other hand, I think it has great potential as a cleanser :D When I tried it, it felt exactly like water (no oily feeling like my makeup remover), and the cleansing water felt refreshing on my face and it even felt softer xD (imagining again..?)

Next is Garnier dark spot treatment! I've never purchased a product like this before, but I do know the main flaw of my skin is that my cheeks are sprinkled with sun spots because I didn't take enough care and never put sunscreen on my face.. regrets.. Excited to see if this product will really work in the long run, I'll let you guys know! :)

Aaaand lastly, I got Nivea face day cream :D Before this, I just used a random Lanolin one that my mum had, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either, it did the job in keeping my face moisturised and didn't break me out, but I guess I wanted a little extra added benefits in my face cream. This Nivea one seemed worthy of giving a go, especially since its SPF 30+ :) I don't know if I'm overthinking it, but I only used it once and already my face feels softer xD (truly..?)

Anyway so that's what I bought, hopefully some of them can become part of my essentials? :D Did any of you go to the Priceline sales? If so, what products did you go for?

I wanted to end this on something I thought was relevant to me and my kind of thinking at the moment. Do you remember the movie, No Strings Attached? It's a movie that dates a while back already and when I watched it, at first I didn't think much of it, but come to think of it, I can actually relate to the main character in her view on relationships:

I thought this line in particular reflects my feelings, because I can be a very different person when I'm in a relationship. Very.. open/direct? I don't think that's the right term, but I mean like if the guy ever did something that I didn't like/turned me off/made me question my feelings for them, I would suddenly go out of my way to avoid them or distance myself from them. And.. I realise I can become a very cold and slack person if that ever happens.. and that's what scares me, because I don't usually like treating people badly that way and hurting them :/ But at the same time, I can also be a very clingy person who can only think of them? When it comes down to it, I think put simply, I'd make a very bad girlfriend xD

I was talking to a friend on Thursday and asked her what her ideal was and she said she'd want to be around someone where it doesn't feel like one person depends on another, like the guy will still continue to hang with his friends, and same with the girl. I agreed with her and thought further on how it'd be like a best friend / boyfriend, it's not completely lovey-dovey, can't live without you kind of type of relationship where you want to spend time with each other all the time, but rather a laid-back kind of relationship where you can be yourself around them and just chill and talk to them about everything and anything. Best of both worlds basically, but that's pretty hard to find and I'm probably asking for too much hahah
Honestly, I have found someone who is like that, but with someone like me who is so unstable in a relationship and has the capability of hurting them, it would be a huge risk :S

Anyway sorry if the above ramblings don't even make sense, there's like a billion things I want to write about this topic but they're all bursting out at the same time, that I jump from one conclusion to another, and it's all so confusing, this is why I never write about my views on relationships, it always ends up like this haha.