25 September 2014

"I'm with the band"

Excited to announce that I'm officially part of a newly-formed band for UNSW's Japanese society (NSA)! We had our first gig last Monday at the Roundhouse for MuSoc Idol and we initially prepared two songs to perform but in the end we only performed 'Fix You' by Coldplay. We performed last as we were the only band, and we didn't get scored well by the judges, but overall I thought it was a nice first exposure experience. At the moment we're practising hard for our major performance at NSA's own ball where we'll be combining a mix of Japanese and English songs and most likely being the entertainment throughout the night. Can't wait!

Photo credit: Michael Tanujaya
I really hope my friend doesn't read this blog, otherwise this would be so embarrassing haha. But I went to go see Seconds After's performance at Bondi on Wednesday. They were meant to perform 3 of their original songs but got pushed to last performance so they only did one song. Even though it was the first time he sung it, I knew it sounded familiar, and then after a while I realised why. It was dedicated to someone and I knew who it was to, and so I became pretty emotional. 

"SWAG: Something We Asians Got"

On Saturday, my family and I went to Bowral to have a picnic and go see the Tulip Festival, and we managed to take some photos on the way :) Unfortunately in the end, we didn't enter the tulip garden because the admission fee was too expensive, but there were still many nice areas around the suburb that we got to see.

On a different note, this week on Monday I think, I got picked up by some guy (again..) on main walkway, except this time he seemed pretty decent. We had a good chat, exchanged details etc. but I know that it probably won't work out because he seems like a social party person, which really isn't my type..
But yeah.. what is this?! LOL last time this happened, it was in the same area as well, but by this aussie looking skater guy with long-ish hair..

Wrapping my week off, I watched Maze Runner with 3 of my friends yesterday. When I watched it, I thought the movie was great, but thinking about it now, not much actually physically happened in the movie :O What made it so worth it though, was the cast. 

Don't ask me why, but Ki Hong somehow reminds me of Greg..
Firstly can I say: KI. HONG. LEE. I was a fan of him in Wong Fu Productions and honestly, I was scared to see his acting, only because I thought he would be extremely nervous acting on the big screen for the first time.. but he pulled it off perfectly and he was sooo cool in his character as Minho!! My appreciation for him just went to a whole new level.

Also for loyal fans of Thomas Sangster, expect competition from 1 million + new fangirls, because I'm now part of that number haha. A lot of people knew him from Game of Thrones but I never got around to watching it, so I guess I'm a late-comer? Anyway he is so cute and baby-faced, I couldn't help but adore him in the movie! I was actually shocked when I found out today that he's 24 years old - no way! I also never paid much attention to him when I watched Nanny McPhee, because he was still a kid at the time, but in Maze Runner they gave him a much more mature role, and that really changed my perspective of him and it made him stand out so much more.

And of course I can't forget the main actor, Dylan O'Brien! He was attractive but I couldn't help but focus so much more on the other two. I glad they chose him for the main role though, he suits it very well :)

About the movie itself, since they didn't do much in this one, I'm anticipating that they'll add much more action or games/tests in the movie sequels, so I'm excited for that! Also I'm a bit devastated because we missed out on a bit of the beginning of the movie, and that made the whole story complicated/harder to understand but the ending cleared a lot of things up. Still wish I could see it though!

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